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June 25, 2010 / katlen

Everything’s marked as private!

I *think* I just put all my posts in the “private” section so no one can see them.  This blog will reappear as a medical anthropology book; something about bone marrow transplants from the patient perspective.  I had a strange vibe about being so open and unguarded!  Can’t elaborate!

For anyone following, things are great.  I’m all better, in remission, just I get fatigued and my eyes get inflamed from work rather easily, I can tolerate the heat for 15 minutes before I get kind of dangerously overheated, and i need to be in control of my schedule in case I need to go to bed at 4:30 in the afternoon!  So still requesting ADA accommodations to protect myself legally and to ensure that I don’t get overworked and REALLY tired, then REALLY sick.  (then REALLY dead…)

I am off all my meds except tacrolimus, except I always forget to take it so I am effectively off that too.  Hooray, success!

I am almost finished with my book on Candomble and hope to announce its publication in the not too distant future!

I found a GREAT support group:  Really great people on that site and they have helped me so much already.  It’s lonely – I look fine especially because I wear a wig but I am still not that strong and the heat is intolerable because the radiation left me without the ability to cool myself through sweating and such.  VERY interesting, if inconvenient.  But people don’t understand.

Post a comment if you want to talk.


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